Gammatoid Studios is a team of young creators with artistic specialties in a large number of multi-media fields. We also act as a record label for young musicians to grow and master their skills. No contract and no fees or money distribution… At all*.

All of our artists collaborate and work together to produce final products. Our artists are free to use each other’s work without prior consent from the original creator**.

Gammatoid Studios was originally created by GΔmmΔtΩid Sw!ftblΔdΞ as a record label but quickly grew to be much more than that. Now partnered with Nathan Martin and his website development team, the label has reached a much higher level than what could have ever been imagined during its creation.


*Unless stated otherwise in an agreement between the artist and the label.
**Unless Stated otherwise by original creator. In which case the artists are required to follow the requirements the original creator has put in place.