Primary Colors Song List

As some of you know, in his new album, Gammatoid is gonna be rewriting twelve songs from his previous three albums. This is the official rewrite list from Gammatoid.

Current List of Finished Songs:

  1. Crystal Shards (Crystal Raindrop Rewrite)
  2. Symphonic Darkness (Symphonic Lights Rewrite)
  3. Aurora Borealis of Liquid Stone (Aurora Borealis of Flames Rewrite)
  4. Universal Shading (Global Warming Rewrite)
  5. Converted Nights (Inverted Nights Rewrite)
  6. Out of The Multiverse (Into The Black Hole Rewrite)
  7. W.H.L.B.2  (Wind, Hail, Lightning, Bass Rewrite)2
  8. Celestial Precipitation (feat. The BrickNinja) (Sunshower Rewrite)
  9. Open Wounds (The Bleeding Moons Rewrite)
  10. Exploding Summer (Reticent Winter Rewrite)
  11. The Flaming Clouds (The Boiling Clouds Rewrite)
  12. Primary Colors (Space Time Rewrite)

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