New Single By Gammatoid!

Hi, everyone! I have a special piece to report on today! I’m super excited to get this across to you guys!

Gammatoid is getting close to reaching 1k followers on SoundCloud. Because of this, he has decided to write a special song specifically for his amazing fans! The song is going to be released on April 10th, 2017, and it’s going to feature the voice of Nathan Martin.

“This project is something that I didn’t think I would be working on this early in my music career, so I’ve been sure to put every aspect of the Gammatoid artist name into it.” -Gammatoid

Make sure to keep an eye on his Soundcloud as well as the Gammatoid Studios YouTube to be the first one to hear this new song!




Author: Emacity

I like YouTube and Minecraft and music, which is why my blog is about those things.

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