New Gammatoid Studios Minecraft Server is Officially Underway!

Recently, I noticed GΔmmΔtΩid and Nathan on Minecraft a little more often than usual. After endlessly pestering them about it. I finally got an answer!

“We are planning on finishing and releasing our Studios’ new Minecraft server around early spring, late winter this year. this server will be completely open to the public and especially our fans” – Logo 2017 Inverted

A little bit later Nathan said:

“My web team have actually already finished the server’s website and it is currently live. We are simply waiting on the completion of the server itself” – Nathan Martin Logo Inverted Trans

Both Nathan and GΔmmΔtΩid have stated that until the official opening of the server. It’s name and IP address as well as the location of the website. Will remain a secret.


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