Major Update To Gammatoid Studios!

Hello everyone! GΔmmΔtΩid Sw!ftblΔdΞ here with some huge news! After just shy of two years from the Studio’s creation. We will now be completely overhauling our digital presence! As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, over 2k17 we released both our very own merch store as well as a new music streaming service! Please note that both of these services will continue to be maintained and improved!

I am excited to inform you that after a year of preparation, our Web Dev Team (headed by Nathan Martin) has begun to finally work on our new website! When we are finished, the website will be available at:

We will, of course, continue to keep you all updated on the status of changes. We hope to have the final overhaul complete by June. Until then everything in the studio will continue to function how it normally does. With the exception of a few of our hyperlinks changing.

Logo 2017 Inverted

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