Major Update To Gammatoid Studios!

Hello everyone! GΔmmΔtΩid Sw!ftblΔdΞ here with some huge news! After just shy of two years from the Studio’s creation. We will now be completely overhauling our digital presence! As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, over 2k17 we released both our very own merch store as well as a new music streaming service! Please note that both of these services will continue to be maintained and improved!

I am excited to inform you that after a year of preparation, our Web Dev Team (headed by Nathan Martin) has begun to finally work on our new website! When we are finished, the website will be available at:

We will, of course, continue to keep you all updated on the status of changes. We hope to have the final overhaul complete by June. Until then everything in the studio will continue to function how it normally does. With the exception of a few of our hyperlinks changing.

Logo 2017 Inverted

New Gammatoid Studios Minecraft Server is Officially Underway!

Recently, I noticed GΔmmΔtΩid and Nathan on Minecraft a little more often than usual. After endlessly pestering them about it. I finally got an answer!

“We are planning on finishing and releasing our Studios’ new Minecraft server around early spring, late winter this year. this server will be completely open to the public and especially our fans” – Logo 2017 Inverted

A little bit later Nathan said:

“My web team have actually already finished the server’s website and it is currently live. We are simply waiting on the completion of the server itself” – Nathan Martin Logo Inverted Trans

Both Nathan and GΔmmΔtΩid have stated that until the official opening of the server. It’s name and IP address as well as the location of the website. Will remain a secret.


Nathan Martin is now on SoundCloud!

As stated by Nathan in his portion of our New Years Thanksgiving video, he hopes to start posting music on SoundCloud. Only a few days after that statement, he now has a SoundCloud account up and running!

I asked him about it and he said, “My first song is coming out tomorrow on Sunday”! That sounds super awesome and everyone here can’t wait to hear it! Go check out Nathan and be the first person to hear his new song!

Nathan Martin on SoundCloud

Emacity’s New Album Has Been Out For A Week Now! Have You Heard It Yet?

On December 2nd Emacity released her first album! Aesthetic is an EP containing 4 songs each one unique in its own special way!

If you’d like to give it a listen, you can stream it for free on as well as on Emacity’s SoundCloud.

Also check out the album’s page here!

GΔmmΔtΩid’s First Remix Using Reason 10 is Out!

Reason is a professional music writing program made by Propellerhead. The new update (Reason 10) was recently released and now, we have GΔmmΔtΩid’s very first remix using the new amazing update! Rolling Sky Level 13 [Deep Space] (Originally composed by F777) now bites back with a sharp sting as GΔmmΔtΩid puts Reason 10 to the test.

If you listen closely to the second buildup. You’ll hear crew member Nathan Martin say, “Hey Nabbit!” what this means… we’ll never know. It might have something to do with GΔmmΔtΩid’s recent trip to Minnesota this week though…


GΔmmΔtΩid’s Latest Single, Fourth Of July, Is Out!

We are exited to announce the release of GΔmmΔtΩid’s latest single! Fourth Of July brings soft melodic pads to the table before plunging listeners into the deep underground abyss of bass filled caverns. While Zomboy and Skrillex styled synths explode giving way to a spectacular show similar to that of the firework displays that dominate the night sky on Independents Day!

You can stream it from Soundcloud or buy it on GΔmmΔtΩid’s music store!